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Dinner for One Delivery from EveryPlate

Looking for easy dinner for one ideas at a budget-friendly cost, to be delivered straight to your door? Choose EveryPlate's single person meal delivery service, that's dinner for one sorted!

The smallest of our food delivery boxes serves two people, but that's great if you're a single person household. Not only can you enjoy healthy dishes cooked from scratch in a matter of minutes, you can prepare lunches in advance with leftovers, saving time and money.

<h2> Easy Meals For One </h2>

Easy Meals For One

Break free from the struggle of creating fresh, exciting and budget friendly meals for yourself with EveryPlate's meals for one recipes. We offer the best meal for one delivery service, so you can elevate your solo dining experience without breaking the bank. Plus with simple recipes that take 20 to 30 minutes to cook, fresh ingredients and a convenient delivery service, you can enjoy fuss-free dinners for one with your flexible plan.
<h2> Time Efficient, Easy to Follow Recipe Cards </h2>

Time Efficient, Easy to Follow Recipe Cards

With only four steps for each EveryPlate recipe, solo-cooks can get tasty, nutritious and easy meals for one on the table fast and with minimal mess. Meals typically take between 20 and 30 minutes to complete, which is great for single-person households that may be put off by longer, more complex meal kits
<h2> Fuss Free Nutritious Meals </h2>

Fuss Free Nutritious Meals

Reducing the heavy grocery load is essential for solo cooks, EveryPlate meal kits provide pre-portioned ingredients delivered straight to your door, at great value. This minimises the time spent on shopping and preparation, while maximising the time to enjoy nutritious meals. EveryPlate is ideal for people with a range of dietary restrictions, with a number of flexitarian recipes to choose from, as well as plenty of lower-calorie recipes.

Convenient, Nutritional Meal Kits One

If you're stuck in a mealtime rut, or finding it hard thinking up new and exciting meals for one person, choose EveryPlate recipe boxes for one. From convenience to affordability, our meal boxes are designed with easy in mind so that we can get healthy, budget food on every single plate across Australia.

Meals for One: FAQs

Still not sure? We've got your questions answered when it comes to your meal kit from EveryPlate.

Do EveryPlate offer meals for one person?

The smallest serving our meal delivery boxes is for two people. However, they are a favoured option among solo households. This choice allows people to enjoy leftovers for lunch or have convenient supplies on hand when hosting friends or family for dinner.

Can I customise my EveryPlate Australia meal plan?

Yes, you can build your EveryPlate meal plan to suit you. Choose from our four available plans and customise how many people you require portions for. From there you'll be able to edit and change your preferences each order if needed.

Are the recipes in EveryPlate Australia's meal plans easy to follow?

Yes. At EveryPlate, we pride ourselves on just how simple and fuss free our recipes are to follow. Give it a try today and see how tasty simple cooking really can be.

What should I make for dinner for one person?

Eating solo doesn't mean you have to sacrifice excitement in your meals, plus it often means you have enough left over for lunch the next day! There are plenty of EveryPlate's favourite meals for one ideas that you'll actually get excited to make.