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Cheap meal options

Quick and easy dinners to suit any budget

Cheap meal options

Quick and easy dinners to suit any budget

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Family Friendly Dinners

Looking for fuss-free recipes the whole family will love? EveryPlate has great value family meal plans for an easy dinner.
Looking for fuss-free recipes the whole family will love? EveryPlate has great value family meal plans for an easy dinner.

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EveryPlate, the perfect solution for busy families

EveryPlate provides Mums and Dads with some much-needed relief when it comes to cooking. Save time each week with a family meal plan that takes the stress out of dinner, with everything you need to whip up, tasty, fuss-free meals delivered right to your door. Enjoy a variety of nutritious menu choices, perfect for family-friendly dinner options or kids lunch recipes! Get meals on the table quickly and easily, with minimal mess and only four steps!

<h2>No Fuss Family Meals</h2>

No Fuss Family Meals

Here at EveryPlate, we’ve taken the struggle out of family meal planning with lots of recipes for kids that have been tried, tested, and loved! Use left-overs from the night before for a super-quick kids lunch or enjoy a family favourite as a tasty kids dinner.There’s something for even the fussiest of eaters!
<h2>Cheap Family Meals</h2>

Cheap Family Meals

Get kids meals on the table without jeopardising your own dinner. Save on family-friendly recipes with EveryPlate! Ever find yourself throwing a few extra things in the cart when grocery shopping? You’re not the only one! 54% of Aussies point out impulse buys as a reason for major bill-shock when they get to the checkout (source: PureProfile May 2021). With cheap and simple recipes, plus perfectly-proportioned ingredients, nothing goes to waste when you shop with EveryPlate

Dad Dinner’ is The New Dinnertime Trend

Move over Girl Dinner, there’s a new food trend in town showing that Aussie dads can cook. Introducing Dad Dinner. Unlike Girl Dinner, made famous for its ‘anything goes’ approach to cooking with a seemingly random assortment of snacks and foods, Dad Dinner is about hacking your way to the perfect family dinner with as little effort as possible.

Ash Wicks (aka Jampikelets), TikTok star and half of the Two Doting Dad’s podcast with Matty J is the Dad Dinner leader recently discovered the new hack in the kitchen with EveryPlate. The trend is now taking over his household with fuss-free recipes now on the weekly rotation.

Ash said, “Dad Dinner is all about working smarter, not harder with your meals. Keeping costs down, bellies full, and smiles on faces is what it’s all about. The perfect Dad Dinner are tasty meals that have had the ingredients delivered straight to your door and prepped in 10 minutes - making dad hero at dinner time”.

Recipe section: Prep in 10 Recipes EveryPlate is helping deliver ‘Dad Dinner’ to time-poor parents by developing a range of low prep recipes to create ease in the kitchen. Get tasty, budget-friendly Prep in 10 recipes delivered straight to your door.

One-tray chorizo & veggie salad
Speedy Jamaican double chicken tacos
Pesto-crumbed chicken & sweet potato fries

About EveryPlate


What makes EveryPlate the best choice of meal kit for cheap family meals?

EveryPlate provides tasty, fuss-free dinners for less than $4. Select a plan that works for you, from as little as 3 recipes to a full family meal plan. Enjoy the exact amount of ingredients you need sent to your door, saving you big on one-off items that end up at the back of your pantry. EveryPlate works with recognised suppliers to make sure you only receive fresh, quality produce. With four-step recipes and easy-to-follow instructions, dinner is done in a flash!

How much does it cost for a family to eat with EveryPlate each week?

If you’re looking for family-friendly dinners and a great value 7 day family meal plan, you’ve come to the right place. With meals starting at just $3.98 a plate, you enjoy dinner delivered to your door for less!
Dinner for 2 - 3 times a week, costs $38.94 per week.
Dinner for 2 - 4 times a week, costs $47.92 per week.
Dinner for 2 - 5 times a week, costs $56.90 per week.
Dinner for 4 - 3 times a week, costs $65.88 per week.
Don’t forget to check the discounted price at check out if you sign up with a voucher.

Why is EveryPlate a cheaper meal kit for families?

EveryPlate delivers a lower price by cutting the frills. The fuss-free, four-step recipes use less ingredients to create tasty meals that will satisfy the whole household. Our meals are made from scratch using fresh veggies and quality produce, just without the fancy extras - making them perfect for kids dinners as well!